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14 April 2011

BEL 260

Why smoking should be banned?


Smoking is a bad habit. It was also the habit of some of our society.  People who are smoking we called as a smokers. This smokers smoking everywhere in any time they want. Some said, people smoking are just because they want to release their stress. Is it true? But i will say, there a lot of things that people cam do if they want to move away their stress. Why should they smoking? Why smoking should be banned? Smoking have many harmful things, can give many negative effect to everyone and may lead a bad relationship with anyone.

Nowadays, many people do smoking. Whether they man or women. In fact, we can see even teenagers under eighteen do start smoking. Do they really know what is in the thing that they always light up and put it into their mouth? ‎It is cigarettes and tobacco.

The chemicals in cigarettes and tobacco smoke make smoking harmful. Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 different chemicals. It was to much to know what it is. But at least 50 are known carcinogens and many are poisonous. Carcinogen may cause a cancer. That can be enough reason to banned the smoking habit.

Benzene are contained in cigarette smoke. It colourless cyclic hydrocarbon obtained from coal and petroleum which is used as a solvent in fuel and in chemical manufacture. Next is formaldehyde, a colourless liquid, highly poisonous. the uses is to preserve dead body and known to cause cancer respiratory, skin and gastrointestinal problems.

Most people do not know about ammonia which also the ingredient in cigarette smoke. Ammonia are used as a flavoring, frees nicotine from tobacco turning into gas. It also often found in dry cleaning fluids called as toilet cleaner. Tar is particulate matter drawn into lungs when you inhale on a lighted cigarette. Once inhaled, smoke condenses and about 70 per cent of the tar in the smoke is deposited in the smoker's lungs. All this thing may harm the smokers.

Beside, smoking also may lead a bad relationship. This happen when people around the smokers feel uncomfortable with the smoking habit. For an example, a father of a son was a smoker. If the father are smoking near to his child, while the child is too young, the child might feel uncomfortable with all the smoke. This will make a barrier between them. Next example is when a couple weather they married or just a in a relationship. If one of the partner do not stand with the cigarettes smoke, the relation will have some problem. There is no impossible if the couple will have an argument on smoking habit issue. The conflict will happen and will break their chemistry.

With all these reason, smoking should be banned. There are more benefit especially to our country and society. Government should take a drastic and smart action before it is to late. These are about our healthy. Without a good healthy, people cant do anything. Government should become more strict or else all those the campaign will become useless.

Abortion-is it the best method for unwanted pregnancies?


Abortion is an issue that evokes, on all sides, very strong feelings and judgments and very heated recriminations. Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by the removal or expulsion of a fetus or embryo from the uterus, resulting in or caused by its death. Is it the best method for unwanted pregnancies.


Unwanted pregnancies happen when a women dont want her baby. It happen in many factors. According to a study in 1997, there are a few reasons women choose to abort them, including the desire to postpone or stop childbearing, anxiety disorders of pregnancy is the employment or education, financial issues, the stability of the relationship with your spouse, or a response to immaturity.


In developing countries where abortion is illegal, women are sometimes forced to use self-induced abortion procedure. World Health Organization estimates that 19 million abortions occur in the world like this every year and can be classified as unsafe abortion.


Why should the expense of innocent lives. The baby has a right to life. Abortion kills babies seem to live a proper life in the world. This is not the best way to overcome unwanted pregnancies. This is because the baby can be sent to welfare homes to be adopted. It was way better. Many couples in the world is not so lucky and blessed with children. This is the time to help couples like that.

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